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Forcepoint Firewall

AAA RATED BY CYBERRATINGS - Forcepoint Firewall | Systems Front IT

Top-Rated NGFW and SecureSD-WAN

Forcepoint Firewall: Blocking 100% of evasion attempts and 100% of exploits, Forcepoint Cloud Network Firewall was given a AAA rating when tested by CyberRatings.

Forcepoint Firewall Advantages:

AAA Overall Rating

Rating awarded to vendors from CyberRatings.org.

Centralized Management

Forcepoint Firewall Ability to manage large quantities of firewalls and fleets of firewalls at scale without compromising performance.


Forcepoint Firewall Ease of management, granularity of controls, and scalability of management capabilities.

Security Effectiveness

Forcepoint Firewall Assessed block rate, IP Packet Fragmentation/TCP Segmentation, false-positive testing, stability, reliability and web filtering for QUIC & HTTP/3.

SASE Integration

SD-WAN, site connectivity to Security Service Edge over GRE and IPsec, built-in ZTNA app connector

Evasion Protection

Forcepoint Firewall Assessed ability to protect against evasions, HTTP evasions, and a combination of evasion techniques.


Based on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)/Mbps over a 3-year period

DISCLAIMER: Product comparison is based on in-product capabilities and cross-portfolio integrations available from the same vendor as of April 7, 2021. Comparisons do not include integrations with third-party vendors. Feature comparison is based on each vendor’s most recent and modern version available as of April 23, 2021. Information is based off of data collected from public websites and forums, analyst papers, Cyber Rating https://cyberratings.org/publications/enterprise-firewall-overview/, and product datasheets as of April 23, 2021.

Do More with Less with Forcepoint Firewall

Built-in Secure SD-WAN, zero trust network access controls and the ability to push out unified policies globally with one click empowers your team to manage and maintain a secure network at scale.

With one central console, you gain 360-degree visibility which lets you quickly identify risks. And industry-leading integrated intrusion detection and prevention helps you mitigate them before they become a problem.

Cut down on redundant tasks. With advanced automation, you can get updates and upgrades on your schedule. Plus with a single management console, you can make changes on a global scale.

A wide range of physical and virtual appliance models make it easy to automate, orchestrate and accelerate your network architecture - remotely and at scale.

Designed like software, rather than hardware, NGFW gives you the flexibility to deploy on appliances, virtually or in the cloud. Open APIs let you customize automation and orchestration to your own specifications. Integration with Forcepoint ONE Security Service Edge simplifies connecting private applications to Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

Safely and efficiently mix internet broadband and private MPLS circuits to connect offices, branches, and remote sites to business resources in the cloud or internal data centers.

Learn more about Secure SD-WAN

Our products routinely undergo rigorous certifications testing to meet the most stringent needs of sensitive and critical industries, agencies, organizations and governments around the world.

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